Metropolitan Theater

Among the hundreds of activities and things to do in Medellin, the Metropolitan Theater is an exceptional place to visit during any of its several artistic seasons and festivals.

Things to do in Medellin: Metropolitan Theater

Metropolitan Theater Medellin

One of the most interest places in the city, the Metropolitan theater is the most important arts scenario in Medellin. It’s main activity is to present many different kinds of art: classical and popular music, ballet, contemporary and folkloric dance. Bringing performing companies from all the world to their visitors.

Shows like the International Classical Music season, International Opera and Zarzuela season, and Medellin Philharmonic’s annual repertoire, are some of the many performances presented.

A capacity for 1634 spectators and over 19 thousand square meters, makes the Metropolitan Theater the best entertainment center in the city.

On February 19th, 1987, Medellin Cultural Corporation, owner and manager of the Metropolitan Theater, opened its doors for the first time to the community with an inaugural concert. The opening of the Metropolitan Theater ushered in a new generation of cultural and artistic development in Medellin, creating a meaningful space for the projection of national artists and creating awareness among citizens of different cultures from around the world. Metropolitan Theater is the city’s heritage to future generations and contributes permanently to enrich Medellin’s cultural life.

Things to do in Medellin: Metropolitan Theater

Metropolitan Theatre Medellin

Calle 41 # 57 – 30 Medellin
Phone: 232 28 58

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