Linear Park La Presidenta

The financial and business area along Avenida El Poblado and Lleras Park are linked by La Presidenta linear park, an area of green nature in the heart of the city that offers some relaxing things to do in Medellin. Walking through the trails, across pedestrian bridges, marvel at their gardens or take a peak from any of their wooden balconies are just some of the activities to share with family or friends.

Things to do in Medellin: Linear Park La Presidenta

Linear Park La Presidenta Medellin

La Presidenta Linear Park is a green lung with more than 700 square meters in the middle of the Zona Rosa of El Poblado. The site has several trails that allow visitors to enjoy the gardens and interact with nature.

This park has a great diversity of activities as it is visited by all kinds of people such as children, youth, adults, senior citizens, students, low-income, higher-income people, athletes, foreigners, the park is not exclusive at all.

In La Presidenta Linear park there are reading sessions, yoga classes and gardening courses for elderly people.

It also has an outside gym with several sports machines. This place is a perfect place for rest and promote friends encounter.

Things to do in Medellin: Linear Park La Presidenta

Linear Park La Presidenta Medellin

Before the construction of the park, La Presidenta park was saturated of battered plants, most people who passed by threw garbage and debris, was a waste of space and nature.

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