EPM Building

Located in the area known as La Alpujarra, between avenida del Rio and Carrera 58, the EPM (Public enterprises of Medellin) Building is adjacent to the facilities of the Metropolitan Theater and the Palace of Exhibitions and Conventions. Visiting the place is one of the best things to do in Medellin.

Things to do in Medellin: EPM Building

EPM Building Medellin

EPM Building is a contribution to the many friendly and visually rich spaces in Medellin, promoting urban development by the management of public space and the provision of open spaces, parks and lakes.

Known as the Smart Building, EPM premises were conceived as an example of sustainability and efficiency, being a pioneer in the development of clean processes in the public sector administration.

Created in 1958 to improve the quality and the distribution of the public services in Medellin, EPM gathers in one autonomous company the former four hitherto individual entities: Energy, water, sewage and telephone services. Nowadays, EPM is one of the biggest Colombian company in the public services sector and even has a big share in other countries in central and south America.

Things to do in Medellin: EPM Building

EPM Building Medellin

A guided tour is held for visitors in order to show the EPM building facilities, their general operation and main features.

Duration: one hour and 30 minutes
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30, 10:30, 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.
Address: Carrera 58 # 42-125
Phones: 380 44 11 & 380 32 39. Fax: 380 67 97
Website: http://www.epm.com.co/site/Home/Institucional/EdificioEPM

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