Medellin Churches II

Visiting a number of churches and religious monuments is one of the preferred things to do in Medellin by thousands of visitors every year.

Senor de las Misericordias Church

senor delas Mirericordias

Located in the Eastern Part of the city in the Manrique neighborhood and known as well as the Manrique Church, the Senor de las Misericordias (Lord of Mercy) is an Ornate-Neogothic style church, built between 1921 and 1931

It was designed by architect and Carmelite brother Andrew Lawrence Huarte, the same one who designed the Church of Frontino. The temple has a construction area of 1,216 square meters and its tower is 60 meters high. Its interior rectangular area is divided into three longitudinal aisles, has three altars (the main and sides), made ​​in fine wood. The main altar houses the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of heroic size and one side altars contains the statue of the Lord of Mercy.

Address: Calle 67 # 47 – 6, Manrique neighborhood.
Phones: 263 58 21 & 263 58 41

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Jesus Nazareno Church


A slightly more recent church built in the twentieth century, between 1923 to 1939, but with much historic value as it is part of the religious heritage of the city.

Its style is Gothic architecture, with a French accent, but adapted to the circumstances of the time. It is considered one of the most graceful and beautiful temples of Medellin.

The Church of the Nazarene combines various elements that result in a monumental complex. It’s preceded by a beautiful portico in which the figure of the Lord, full of peace and goodness, welcomes and invites the faithful to enter the beautiful precincts.

Address: Carrera 52 & calle 61
Phone: 263 03 33

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Metropolitan Cathedral

MetropolitanaLocated in the downtown area of Medellin, in the Villanueva neighborhood, on the north side of the Parque de Bolivar, the Metropolitan Cathedral was declared a National Monument on March 12th, 1982 for its historical value and for being one of the major architectural works in the country.

It also has a small museum of religious art, located in a room adjacent to the basilica, but isn’t open to the public. The collection includes about 40 paintings (from the 1600’s) and 15 sculptures (from the 1700’s).

Address: Carrera 48 # 56 – 81, Parque de Bolivar
Phones: 513 34 53 & 513 22 69

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