Casa Gardeliana Museum

One of the most traditional things to do in Medellin, the Casa Gardeliana is a historical and cultural monument, founded in 1972, dedicated to the Tango and to Carlos Gardel, considered by many the most famous singer of this traditional Argentinian music.

Medellin has been the second city in the world that still offers Tango shows and performances. That’s why the Casa Gardeliana is so important to the city historical heritage and to the Tango lovers.

The museum counts with many collections, including photographs, recordings, audiovisual material, documentary films and so on. It is based on the history and life of the tango and its interaction with the Medellin’s style. Casa Gardeliana was created as an homage to Gardel (who died in Medellin in an aircraft crash in 1935),  by an Argentinian citizen who lived in Medellin for more than 40 years .

Casa Gardeliana Museum Medelliin

Casa Gardeliana Museum Medelliin

This museum is also the center of a classical parade about Tango, Tangovia, which exhibits dozens of couples dancing to the tango music.

Travelers can take an emotive and vibrant tour through history at Casa Gardeliana, located in the Carrera 45 or Avenida Carlos Gardel, where nostalgia and art merge to give life to events like Tangovia. Walk down this road that leads to Casa Gardeliana, which opened on February 14th, 1972, and has become a space for the promotion of Tango.

During the weekend, the Museum honors the tradition of tango in Medellin, with singing and dancing live presentations; for this, the Casa Gardeliana invites talented singers, musicians and dancers who delight their spectators with their voices, styles and dances.

Casa Gardeliana Museum Medelliin

Casa Gardeliana Museum Medelliin

Museum Casa Gardeliana is located at:
Carrera 45 # 76-50 in the Traditional barrio “Manrique”
Phone 212 09 68

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm to 5:00

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