The Top 5 Medellin Restaurants To Impress Your Date

Medellin…Ahhh…So you’ve come in search of true love and alas…Maybe you’ve found the him or her of your dreams. I doubt it, but if you get the chance to start off with a good impression, commence the dating ritual by choosing any of these Medellin restaurants as one of your top 5 date spots, and the prince or princess of your dreams will surely think you know what you’re doing.


 1.) Alambique – Only three blocks below Parque Lleras  and on the third floor of a rustic building, this plant filled garden style bar and restaurant is a serene paradise to have an sauteed steak appetizer and a cup of vino blanco. This Medellin restaurant features an outstanding bar that actually is nice to sit at. The tables and chairs are the most comfortable Medellin has to offer, along with a high up view of sunset and mountain if you go at the right time. The ambiance is perfect low lights accompanied with the perfect mix of smooth jazz, even live music on Thursdays and Saturdays. Alambique won’t be Medellin’s best kept secret for long. After you try it, I think you will agree with me and you can take the credit for being so suave when your date asks where did you find that amazing place?…

 2.) Ocio – Restaurant Ocio is one of my favorite places to have drinks, a meal, anything really! Located in a quiet section of the Provenza area, everything comes together in this perfect date retreat. Ambiance, perfect mood music, and decor make Ocio a special place. Try the excellently prepared appetizers of grilled prawns and lightly breaded and fried octopus…and enjoy a delicious slow cooked braised beef or a thick cut salmon steak. The chefs at Ocio use flavors that meld together to create a special place in my Medellin heart.  Not to mention their signature cocktails are some of the best quality you can find in any Medellin restaurant. Look for changing and special menus. Definitely call ahead for a reservation.

 3.) Delaire Skylounge – A common theme for being a good date spot is that you can have some peace, get away from large crowds, and just be with that special someone. At Delaire Skylounge, you get seclusion with a view! Good food, a full bar with almost every type of beverage available, and a serene view atop the Milla de Oro district of Poblado awaits. Share a cheese or chocolate fondue and one of six different sangrias for a perfect start to what hopefully will be an even better night! Conveniently located on the 7th floor of the Rio Sur shopping center. Tip: Go to Delaire before 10pm and  the partner club Sixtina gets going for the night or it won’t be as date friendly. 

4.) In Situ – Another of my favorite date getaways takes a little more effort to find and to travel to. This restaurant is inside Medellin’s awesome botanical garden. About 15 to 20 minutes from Poblado in cab, your trip will be well rewarded as In Situ is open air with large pane windows, gardens, and towering trees overhead. The soft music playing from within compliments the cool breeze that flows through the dining hall. The menu changes from season to season and features an eclectic mix of vegetarian and meat filled dishes, so be sure to call ahead if you would like to hear the specials. Also, a reservation wouldn’t hurt either if you’re going for dinner! Open for lunch and dinner. Tip: You have to use the restaurant entrance at night since the other entrance into the Jardin Botanico is closed after 530pm.

5.) Cafe Zorba – If you’re in the mood for a early week date and you just can’t wait, have no fear, Zorba will take care of your needs. At least once day a week (Tues – Thurs) they play live music, whether it be jazz, two man band, or a little smooth guitar action. You cannot go wrong with the four cheese pizza along with a nice vino tinto or blanco. Cafe Zorba is vegetarian friendly so carnivores beware but hey, one night with a nice salad or delicious hummus won’t kill you. With multiple levels and cozy stone lined hallways and rooms to make you feel secluded while never ignored by the service. You simply can’t go wrong with this Calle 8 favorite. Did I mention it’s a great value as well?

There are many other amazing Medellin restaurants coming everyday. If you don’t get to try some of my above selections, here are a few other prime eateries to quell your hunger. Il Castello (Italian), Chef Burger (American), Crepes & Waffles (Colombian), Chilaquiles (Mexican), Humo (Barbeque), Brie Bon (French & Brunch), Moo Ribs (Ribs), Desayunadero La 10 (Colombian Breakfast), Envy (Asian), Hotel Park 10 (Breakfast Buffet). I could go on but it would just make you more hungry. Enjoy my favorite date restaurants and go home satisfied.

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