Quintana Becomes the First Colombian Winner of the Giro d’Italia

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Celebration in Colombia

They are celebrating in Colombia today as Nairo QUINTANA has emerged as the overall champion of the Giro d’Italia.  He says he is now ready for the Tour de France.

Nairo Quintana will celebrate his overall victory at the Giro d’Italia in Trieste today and become the first ever Colombian to win the Corsa Rosa, yet he seemed as calm, completely composed as ever after reaching the finish of stage 20 to Monte Zoncolan.

Quintana had reached the finish at the summit of Zoncolan in the same time as Rogoberto Uran, thus giving him a lead of 3:07 on his fellow countryman.  While most of the riders seemed to suffer on steep grade of Zoncolan, Quintana appeared unaffected, and showing no sign of pain or emotion during the climb.

Quintana has been plagued by ear and throat problems during the race but dismissed as “Impossible” he would have won by an hour had he been healthy.

“That’s impossible, I don’t know what going on through your mind.  I am not from another planet,” he said.

Quintana is only 24 years old

Well maybe he is not from another planet but for the other riders, it seemed as if he was if only for this moment in history.

This is a not only a great win for Quintana and his team, but for all of Colombia.  Today they are at the top of the cycling world.

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