Parque Lleras

Medellin Nightlife’s Hub

Parque Lleras is the heart of Medellin’s Zona Rosa in the upscale Poblado neighborhood, home to many of the city’s best hotels. This lively little neighborhood packs dozens of wonderful restaurants, bars, clubs, and live music venues into a few square blocks.

Visited by many people from all over the world, this place is one of the most popular in the city. Preferred mostly by young people and as well as adults who enjoy getting together.  Parque Lleras is also a frequent meeting spot for people from many other countries around the world.

Parque Lleras Medellin Nightlife

Parque Lleras Medellin Nightlife

Located in the “Zona Rosa” of Medellin, it is known for its excellent restaurants, bars, discos, and cafes. Here, the visitors and locals can find lots of activities during both day and night. Between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm is called the happy hour “Hora Feliz” where visitors can enjoy food and drinks specials.

During the night, the “Lleras”, as the local people like to call it, is the ideal place to have fun, because here is where the best party time or “Rumbas” are held in its great clubs, bars and discos. This is also the place for a  nice, quiet night to enjoy the company of very special people.

Parque Lleras Location

To get there, the address is: El Poblado, calle 9 and carrera 36

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Parque Lleras Medellin Nightlife

Parque Lleras Medellin Nightlife

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