Our Visit to Tutucan

Tutucan is an entertainment park located in the city of Rionegro, just 40 minutes away from Medellin.

A few days ago we had a family trip to this interesting place. We enjoyed many of the attractions they offer. Tutucan is a theme park where the main objective is to recreate a traditional Antioquian town with all its typical constructions and most common and representative characters.



Inside the park we found a small cemetery with some gravestones that had the names of famous Antioquian people engraved on them. Of course the tombs are fake, but they play sounds like ghosts, cries and wolves that would make you feel you are inside a haunted graveyard.

From there we walked to some traditional dwellings, a farm without real animals but playing the domestic animal voices, a sugar cane traditional factory (called trapiche), and the house of culture.

All the way to the main square, we found some actors representing those characters that traditionally were seen at every Antioquian town of the 1800’s or the beginning of the 1900’s. Some souvenir stores are in the walkway as well, offering artisans crafts mostly.

Once in the town’s city center we sat down to watch a comedy show that lasted for more than two hours but it was so much fun that we did not move from our chairs until the end.

For our delight, we ate a delicious traditional meal made in an exquisite wooden stove, just like in one of those kitchens form before the electricity arrived.



Surrounding the main plaza we found a church, barber shop, a photographic studio were the tourist can dress some antique clothes and have a sepia picture that would seem more than 100 years old.

Tutucan park is a lovely, enchanted place, perfect for taking a glimpse to the historical beginnings of the culture and traditions of the people of Antioquia and Colombia.

This amazing park is located at:
Via Llanogrande, Diagonal 56 # 38 – 100
Website: www.comfama.com

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