Returns and Spammers Beware

MedellinVida Is Back

It has been a few days since I decided to do a makeover of and it is still happening.  It was not an easy decision because it has never made much money even when most keywords were ranked in Google’s Top Ten and traffic was much heavier.  There is a principal however that has haunted me since I stopped updating the site more than a year ago.  Fairness is the principal of which I am referring.

Paid Reviews

You see we had more restaurant, nightclub and shopping listings than all the other sites combined  We didn’t base who got covered by who paid a fee.  Not that I don’t believe in advertising, because I surely do and most publishing depends on it.  What bothered me then and now, is paying for a review.  In other words, ” Joe’s Restaurant Serves The Best Food In Town” but only if Joe is paying someone to say it.  How does that help the reader or tourist to find the best food for them?  There is way too much of that in media today and especially with blogs in Medellin.

Dirty Tricks

So being naive as I am I thought we could just publish the best website and the rewards would follow.  Unfortunately for me and our staff, we should have been thinking the way the other half of the people in the world do.  You know the ones who will tear down something good, who will try to find the easy way to the top instead of making an investment and following that investment with hard work.  We found in one day our website’s rankings dropped about 30 points and it was later learned we had been spammed by a competitor with bad back links. Many were from porn sites and the kind Google loves to punish you for having.  Unfortunately the damage was done at that point.  Oh we dis avowed the bad links but it is not so easy to climb back to the top after having been there.

Renewed Conviction

Now there are a lot of things I could have done after that fiasco.  I could have personally found the individual involved and beat the hell out him.  I could have spammed his site with the same garbage that was used on mine, but that is not my way.  I took it on the cheek and maybe even turned the other one because I allowed this person to prosper from bad deeds.  Now however I believe Medellin needs another voice.  One that is based on the user experience and not the almighty dollar or peso whatever the case my be.  I believe the new will be that voice and only time will tell if I am right or wrong.

Spammer Beware

All kidding aside, I will not be the same passive person if this were to happen again.  No if we get hit by the spammer again I will take a completely different path to resolve the problem.  You may draw you own conclusion as to what that may be but I can assure you it would justified.

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