Medellin Mall

Medellin Malls and shopping centers

Medellin Malls and shopping centers

Medellin Malls, like the city are unique in style and design.  Medellin is the number one city for fashion and style in Colombia, and one of the best places to go shopping in Latin-America.  In the city and its surrounding towns, visitors can find a number of malls, outlets and stores, displaying clothing, shoes, accessories, etc, from the most recognized brands, suitable for all kind of tastes and budgets.

Medellin Shopping is a very pleasant experience in its many huge and wonderful shopping centers that rival any you might find in the US or Europe.  Each Medellin Mall has its own charm and lure.  Which Medellin Mall is the best?  You can visit them all here and chose for yourself.


Medellin MallsPremPlazaShopping

Here is a Complete List of Medellin’s Shopping Centers:

Almacentro Mall

Aves Maria Mall

Camino Real Mall

City Plaza Mall

El Tesoro Mall

La Strada Mall

Los Molinos Mall

Mayorca Mall

Monterrey Mall

Oviedo Mall

Palacio Nacional Mall


Premium Plaza Mall

Puerta del Norte Mall

Punto Clave Mall

Rio Sur Mall

San Diego Mall

San Fernando Plaza Mall

San Nicolas Mall

Santa Fe Mall

Sao Paulo Plaza

Unicentro Mall

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