La Margarita # 2 Bar & Restaurant

Recreating the atmosphere of an Antioquian hacienda, with large open windows overlooking the skyline, La Margarita Medellin Restaurant offers excellent meals, including preparations of barbecue, fish and fast food.

The whole family can experience a traditional dining at La Margarita. Bandeja paisa and cazuelas are among the house specialties

Open daily from 12:00 m. to midnight.

La Mergarita Medellin restaurant is located in one of the most visited areas of the city by people seeking the best of entertainment. The area has a large number of hotels, restaurants, bars and it’s just steps away from the Atanasio Sports Center.

La Margarita is a perfect place for family gatherings on Sundays as well as for corporate meetings at any time during the weekdays. It’s also a preferred place for visitors and locals looking for the really traditional Colombian food. The place has very affordable prices so customers from abroad who don’t know very well about the local food, can try something new here without been afraid of spending a lot in something they’re not sure they’re going to like.

Two convenient locations to serve better:
Carrera 70 # 45 E – 11
Phone: 250 84 45

La Estrella, phone: 279 48 47

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