Vitto’s Ristorante

Offering the best of the Italian cuisine in the city, Vitto’s Ristorante is a Medellin restaurant located on the 33rd Avenue, where their customers can have an international experience with elegance, tranquility and best food quality.

Vitto’s restaurant sets up everything ready for customers to enjoy the best: red and white tablecloths, shining glasses and cutlery, elegantly folded red napkins, red bricked walls, Italian music and jazz, and the fine cuisine cooked and served by the restaurant owners.

Vitto’s restaurant is a very small (5 tables and bar), very romantic place, designed especially for couples and focused on consumers of fine wines at incredible low prices.

This fabulous Italian restaurant has an excellent variety of traditional dishes like pastas, raviolis, lasagnas and many other delicacies from that Mediterranean country. Besides, they offer a good amount of wines to choose from. The entire place, its food recipes, the quality of their wines, the incredible good service and its affordable prices make of Vitto’s the perfect place to have lunch or dinner in Medellin.

Open Monday to Saturday from 12 m. to 3:00 pm and then from 5:45 pm to 10:00 pm

Located at: Calle 33 No. 74 B – 310
Phone: 411 72 47

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