Sancho Paisa Restaurant

Sancho Paisa is a Medellin Restaurant located in the Alto de Las Palmas, in the road that connects Jose Maria Cordova Airport and the city. In this traditional Colombian restaurant you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere and excellent service with the best from paisa and Colombian cuisine, Grilled meats and typical Antioquian food are some of their delicious specialties.

Sancho Paisa, Medellin restaurant

Sancho Paisa, Medellin restaurant

This restaurant is a reference point for many tourists paisas, Colombian or from other countries that have the fortune to visit this beautiful region.

Sancho Paisa is committed to bring different dishes every month, highlighting food from the regions of Colombia to delight visitors.

Sancho Paisa offers a variety of items to take home and prepare your own recipes: dairy products, sauces, sweets, spices, chorizos, sausages and corn bread; all of them made in the region by small factories with the quality and taste of the restaurant.

Thanks to its strategic location (near Medellin, Jose Maria Cordova Airport, Llanogrande, RioNegro and other towns in the area), the restaurant is a stop that every domestic and foreign tourist should take in order to taste the best of the Colombian cuisine. Sancho Paisa Restaurant is an ideal place for meetings and family enjoyment of people from Antioquia, who over the past 12 years have had the opportunity to enjoy the excellent service, the best paisa Colombian and international food, and everything that makes up the unique characteristics on this site.

Sancho Paisa restaurant address is:
via Las Palmas, 17th kilometer, Sancho Paisa Roundabout
Phone: 444 07 52

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3 Responses to Sancho Paisa Restaurant

  1. Colombian food is always something one should try at Sancho Paisa. I being at this restaurant and I can say the service is excellent. Thanks

    Charlie Cooker May 2, 2013 at 8:03 pm
  2. The food in Medellin is so good and the platters are always big as mountains. Paisa people is generous and they demonstrate it in the way they serve to their guests. Sancho Paisa is one of my favorite restaurants in Colombia.

    Piotr Smith July 11, 2013 at 1:13 pm
  3. I enjoyed reading the Don Quixote, my favorite character was Sancho Panza. I see that Colombian people has great creativity and they now how to adapt the universal literature to their own popular culture. Pretty good food by the way.

    Leila Carter-Garth July 13, 2013 at 4:24 pm
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