Rincon Mexicano Restaurant

Rincon Mexicano is a nice Medellin restaurant, the perfect place to enjoy the traditions and the typical elements of the Mexican cuisine.

Rincon Mexicano Medellin restaurant

Rincon Mexicano Medellin restaurant

Words like nachos, tequila, chiles, amigos, charros, among others, will make the visitors think they are the country of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The mariachi band and the tricolor green, white and red flag, and of course the spicy and colorful food, distinguishes Rincon Mexicano Restaurant as one of the best in its kind in Envigado, very close to the heart of El Poblado neighborhood.

Rincon Mexicano opened recently its El Poblado branch, bringing its famous taste and amazing recipes to the most important area of the city.

At their two branches, Rincon Mexicano is bringing the culinary and some of the Mexican traditional art, with some displays showing some pictures made by the most famous artist like Frida Kahlo and Carlos Monsevai.

Among the house specialties, customers will find the world-wide famous “enchiladas”,” burritos”, tacos, “fajitas” and “quesadillas” and for drinks, they have some Tequila brands, of course.

Hours of Operation:

Daily from 12:30 p.m to 12:00 a.m

Rincon Mexicano Medellin restaurant

Rincon Mexicano Medellin restaurant

The two Rincon Mexicano branches are located at:

1. Carrera 43 A # 27 A Sur – 138 Envigado
Phone 276 40 43

2. El Poblado “La inferior” Street: Carrera 30 # 11 C – 9
Phone: 448 47 67 cell: 310 840 10 26

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