Q’ Asados Grill & Bar

Located in the food courts of Oviedo Mall, Camino Real Mall, and some other convenient places in the metropolitan area, Q’Asados is a Medellin restaurant distinguished by its excellent service and quality products.

Q' Asados Medellin Restaurants

Q’ Asados Medellin Restaurants

Q’Asados offers its customers a wide variety of grilled chicken and meat. The notorious aroma of the meat while grilling, draws the attention of the many visitors coming to taste their delicious meals.

Accompanied by salad or French fries, Q’Asados has a wide variety of plates, like tenderloin roast, sirloin steak, pork loin and Grilled Chicken. These are just some of the options offered by Q ‘Asados for lunch or dinner.

Finally, Q’Asados invites its guests to have one of their nice natural juices, soft drinks or beer, to make company to the magical moments, where fantastic flavor of the good seasoning meets the palate.

Q’Asados open daily from 12:00 m. to 9:00 p.m. but Saturday closes at 10:00 p.m.

Q' Asados Medellin Restaurants

Q’ Asados Medellin Restaurants

Their branches are located at:
1. Carrera 6 Sur # 43 A – 227 store 1270 Oviedo Mall
Phone: 352 21 31
2. Carrera 47 # 52 – 86 Store 436 Camino Real Mall
Phone: 511 10 59
3. Carrera 70 # 9 A – 89
Phone: 366 53 08

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