Patria Mia Bar

Patria Mia Bar smells and tastes like Colombia. Its coastal joy, its Andean traditions, its Savannah passion, the mystical Amazon and the paisa tenacity are joint together in Patria Mia Bar to liven up delicious drinks and dishes. This Medellin restaurant pays homage to all the exotic and tasteful flavors of Colombia.

Patria Mia Medellin Restaurant

Patria Mia Bar Medellin

Cocktails of Patria Mia Bar have tropical soul, since they are made of typical Colombian fruits fusion. Patria Mia Bar’s innovative menu offers from mojitos and caipirinha to the famous Coco Loco from San Andres Island.

Patria Mia Bar is located in a corner of Parque Lleras. It is a site that aims to make an amazing and luxurious experience from very popular delicacies. Patria Mia Bar is a place with different atmospheres , built up to enjoy with family, with friends or in couples.

Patria Mia Bar offers an experience through the Colombian gastronomic identity and unique blends in its drinks. It is an ideal place to enjoy and have fun in Medellin.

Patria Mia Bar is a Restaurant, bar and nightclub specialized in grilled and wood-fired meats, as well as a wide variety of typical Colombian food, offering a cuisine with the highest standards of quality, serving the best gastronomic delights that nationals or foreigns
can found in Colombia.

Patria Mia Medellin Restaurant

Patria Mia Bar Medellin

From 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm there is 40% discount on the Menu and 50% off in all liquor by bottles

Calle 9 # 37 A -13
Phones: 268 25 20

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