Naan, Medellin Restaurant

Naan is probably the only Medellin Restaurant featuring recipes from Southern Asia. Their specialties are from India, Nepal and Pakistan with a lot of creativity from their Colombian owner and chef.

Naan, Medellin Restaurant

Naan, Medellin Restaurant

The menu is wide and displays a large number of items never seen before in Medellin like these entrees: Fresh tuna with tamarind sauce and lemon-flavored Basmati rice; Yellow curry with chicken; Red curry with shrimp in coconut milk; Green curry with fish; Koftas in Yogurt and Fresh Tomatoes Curry, and Tikka Masal with Chicken.

They offer as well some appetizers like the famous Samosas stuffed with vegetables and for dessert some exotic delicacies like the Kulfi, a cardamom ice cream with almonds, saffron and pistachios.

Although most of Colombians don’t like their meals as spicy as Indians, Naan has received a warmth welcome in the city because it represents an intriguing culture that many people is willing to know. Besides, many visitor and foreign people living in Medellin are among the exclusive customers of this practically new restaurant

Naan is located in the area of Provenza in El Poblado neighborhood:
Carrera 35 # 7 – 75
Phone: 312 62 85

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