Le Coq

Le Coq Rotisserie is probably the best Medellin Restaurant that offers roasted chicken as the main specialty of the house.

Even though you can find roasted chicken restaurants almost at every corner in Colombia, we assure you that none is like Le Coq. Le Coq Rosticería has found a way to reinvent the traditional roasted chicken, by fusing traditional flavors of cuisines from many places around the world.

Le Coq, Medellin Restaurant

Le Coq, Medellin Restaurant

Le Coq is located close to manila neighborhood in El Poblado. It has a convenient parking lot nearby, located next to the traditional restaurant Herbarium.

The restaurant is a remodeled old house, that preserves the traditional architecture and style. There are two rooms: one is a lounge with sofas and chairs, perfect to share with friends, and the other has a more sober style with tables. The menu is based on grilled chicken options, entrees and side orders. The polenta (creamy soup) with cheese with pepper and pesto sauce is one the the customers favorites.

Le Coq offers four kinds of chicken recipes: America, which highlights the BBQ sauce and rum; Asia, marinated in soy and ginger, Europe, juicy citrus and lavender, and Africa, which highlights the cayenne and wasabe, those two are not exactly symbols of the ‘black continent’, but prove to be a very powerful mix (spicy, of course).

Carrera 43 D # 10 – 72.
Deliveries: 444 33 97
Website: http://lecoqrosticeria.com/

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