Kit Kof Burger, fast food excellence

Kit Kof Burger is a fast food Medellin restaurant chain with stores located all over the city and some surrounding municipalities, offering a very tasting and appealing variety of choices.

Kit Kof Burger Medellin Restaurant

Kit Kof Burger Medellin

There is an air of magnificence inside the houses that serves as Kit Kof Burger headquarters; their old style makes customers feel comfortable and also leads to the elegance and strength of older times in a space of colors orange, yellow and green.

Their specialty: fast food in different forms and means to please all tastes.

A very spacious and fresh atmosphere invades the stores making an ideal place for those who enjoy in the afternoon or evening the products offered by the establishment, including hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. The combos will save customers money without losing detail in the taste experience.

Photos of Medellin and its most representative sites adorn the place and accompany clients, giving the opportunity to learn more about the city.

Kit Kof Burger Medellin Restaurant

Kit Kof Burger Medellin

Branches locations and phones:

  • Centro: Carrera 52 # 45 – 04. Victoria Plaza Mall, food court. Phone: 511 21 21
  • El Poblado – Carrera 41 # 10 – 09. Phone: 266 47 05
  • Envigado – Transversal 31 Sur # 32 D – 04. Phone: 379 02 99
  • Sabaneta – Sabaneta Plaza Mall. Store # 36. Phone: 378 35 16
  • Laureles: Circular 2 Carrera 71 # 70 – 76, Phone: 411 71 38



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