HatoViejo Bar & Restaurant

For more than 30 years, Hatoviejo Medellin restaurant has been one of the most representative restaurants in the city. Here guests can enjoy an extensive menu of traditional Antioquian Creole food, at any of their three locations.

HatoViejo Medellin Restaurant

HatoViejo Medellin Restaurant

The ‘bandeja paisa‘ which has beans, pork, plantains, meat powder, sausage, rice, plantains and guacamole is the most famous and most requested specialty of HatoViejo.

Their dining option go beyond Creole food. HatoViejo also offers international cuisine with highlights like the seafood casserole, which comes with shrimp in garlic sauce, and fillet-mignon, accompanied by terrific sauces prepared by the chef.

HatoViejo is a refreshing, elegant and spacious place, every spot is organized and adorned with details that remind of colonial times.


  • Carrera 47 # 52-17 – La Ceiba building (Medellin’s downtown).
    Phones: 251 21 96 & 231 11 08
  • Oviedo Mall: Carrera 6 sur # 43 A 227 – Level 4, store 6, El Poblado.
    Phones: 321 19 65 & 321 19 66
  • Las Palmas, right on front of InterContinental Hotel.
    Phones: 268 5412 & 268 68 11
HatoViejo Medellin Restaurant

HatoViejo Medellin Restaurant










HatoViejo Restaurants are open daily from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
On Fridays they offer a live music show.

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