Fogon de Piedra Bar & Restaurant

Located in the premises of the Intercontinental Hotel, Fogon de Piedra’s name comes from this Medellin restaurant’s specialty: food prepared in volcanic stone, a stone that is never cooled down.

Fogon de Piedra Medellin Restaurant

Fogon de Piedra Medellin Restaurant

Customers at Fogon de Piedra can experience the intense taste of pizzas, BBQ and seafood, cooked under this unique concept.

One of their dishes, called mixed stone hearth, contains thin slices of beef, chicken and pork, marinated with herbs, spices, olive oil and uchuvas, accompanied by sauces prepared by the chef. Customers can season it in the volcanic rock at their own gusto.

The elegance, comfort and excellent service, the style of the Intercontinental is in the Fogon de Piedra Bar & Restaurant, where visitors can enjoy an experience made ​​for gourmets.

The restaurant has ​​dining seasons, which vary every 20 days. Customers can taste the best national and international cuisine. There are seasons of seafood, Italian food, rice dishes Argentinian food, Cartagena’s season, Mexican, Colombian and Spanish, seasons.

The restaurant inside of Intercontinental Hotel premises, next to the pool, in the middle of a very quiet, and sophisticated environment. The restaurant waiters and chefs are endorsed by the recognized Intercontinental hotel chain.

Fogon de Piedra Medellin Restaurant

Fogon de Piedra Medellin Restaurant

Fogon de Piedra Bar & Restaurant is open daily from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Located at Calle 16 # 28 – 51 Via Las Palmas (Hotel Intercontinental)
Phone: 319 44 50

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