Café Mykonos

Mykonos is a Medellin restaurant that serves as well as café and bar. It is specialized in healthy Mediterranean seafood cuisine. The menu offers a variety of delicious coffees, nutritious breakfast, lunch, pizza and pasta. However, Greek food is the highlight of the place.

Café Mykonos Medellin

Café Mykonos Medellin

This elegant site has a quaint atmosphere inspired by the Greek islands. It promotes artistic shows, art exhibitions and live music.

Mykonos Café recently opened its headquarters in the exclusive area of Parque Lleras in El Poblado and moved from their old house to a picturesque white and blue corner that transports guests to the life and landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea.

Similarly, the new menu of Cafe Mykonos is inspired in the healthy cuisine of the Mediterranean Sea, and his team of chefs delights and surprises with fresh salads, authentic Italian pasta and pizza, an entree of fried squid rings, a highlight of Mousaka a Souvlaki pita or gyros accompanied by Greek salad and tzatziki. Guests will also find a good selection of wines, cocktails and beers and excellent fresh coffee at prices very reasonable.

Mykonos has a large space for up to 150 people, consisting of two terraces on two levels and two rooms on two different floors. The upstairs lounge is an ideal place for business or private meetings. Customers can relax in comfortable chairs, connect to wireless network for free and peacefully have a coffee as Mykonos Café offers a service to the public from 7.00 am to 11 pm. All the decorations, the textures of wood and natural stone will convey that feeling that is only possible in the Mediterranean sea.

Café Mykonos Medellin

Café Mykonos Medellin

Mykonos Café offers breakfast, snacks, light lunches or dinners, coffee and a wide selection of spirits. ustomers can request any dish or pizza to takeout or they can have it delivered in the area of El Poblado.

Mykonos Café is open from 7:00 am 11:00 pm, every day.
Carrera 38 # 8 A – 32
Phone: 266 07 47


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