Byblos Restaurant

This Medellin restaurant is named after a city of Lebanon, located on the Mediterranean sea and surrounded by mountains, many people say that city seems like being suspended between sky and sea.

Byblos Medellin Restaurant

Byblos restaurant Medellin

Located in Las Palmas Avenue Mall, this Arabic food restaurant imports its spices, seasonings, condiments, fats and sweets from these Asian lands.

All dishes have exotic names from Lebanon. At Byblos Restaurant guests can enjoy a “Farouk al Fajem” which is half chicken, roasted with Arabic spices, rice, almonds, arugula salad, tomato and radish. It can be served with a dessert, for example the delicious “Lebanon night”, which is made ​​of cheese, pistachios and jam.

At Byblos Restaurant, they do their best to make customers to experience the exotic city of Byblos through fantastic dishes and desserts. Also in the evenings Byblos restaurant recreates the place with dances and displays of objects.

Byblos Restaurant also sells biscuits and bites for hookah, exclusively brought from Lebanon.

The entire restaurant space is filled with comfortable chairs and tables for groups who can enjoy a good meal with a wonderful Arabic style and even smoke some hookah.

Byblos Medellin Restaurant

Byblos restaurant Medellin

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings there is a special exhibition about many aspects of the Arab culture.

This Medellin restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm and Sundays from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Location: Calle 18 # 35 – 69 ( Palms Avenue Mall) store 246
Phones: 444 86 94, 268 75-46 Cell phone: 317 517 03 43

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