Blue Marlin, seafood restaurant

Offering the freshest seafood in town, Blue Marlin Medellin restaurant has been one of the best places for fine food in Medellin for over 10 years.

Blue Marlin Medellin Restaurant

Blue Marlin Medellin Restaurant

Brought daily by plane directly from the Colombian seaside, the ingredients used at Blue Marlin couldn’t be fresher.

Open to innovation and continuous improvement of their cuisine, Blue Martin keeps researching and learning from experts and from their customers’ feedback, who with their recommendations and suggestions are part of the restaurant’s growth.

Their chefs, accompanied by native cooks from Colombian coastal towns, have created dishes with flavors and aromas that can only be enjoyed at Blue Marlin. The combination of fillets from the Pacific with Atlantic’s seafood, make their menu as wide as varied and unique.

One of the most recommended dishes is their Paella that has the flavors of the Colombian Pacific coast with a good amount of seafood (1170 gr), it is recommended for two people since it comes with two servings of French fries and two salad servings. Other highlights are the Chicken breast in shrimps sauce, the Thermidor Crab and the Cook Blue Marlin: A cook bread stuffed with shrimp, squid, prawns, lobster tail, all bathed in a delicious shrimp sauce. Delicious!!!

Locations: Blue Marlin is conveniently located in two excellent areas of Medellin.
1. El Poblado branch: Carrera 43 B # 14 – 98, Calle de la Buena Mesa – Manila neighborhood
Phones: 311 49 45 & 352 21 20.

2. Barrio Laureles branch: Nutibara Ave. # 74 B – 20
Phones: 412 42 77 & 413 04 54

Blue Marlin Medellin Restaurant

Blue Marlin Medellin Restaurant



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