Angus Brangus Restaurant & Bar

Angus Brangus is a grilled meat specialized restaurant. One of the most visited and famous Medellin Restaurants.

Besides meat and Angus cuts, other dish stands out among its specialties: lobster tails, a dish that has variable cost, according the main ingredient preparation and size.

Angus Brangus Medellin Restaurant

Angus Brangus Medellin Restaurant

Angus Brangus offers each month a renewed menu, which varies from Mediterranean, Mexican and Italian recipes, among others.

Argentinian and Italian wines are available to accompany, as well as some the national liquors and natural juices made of local tropical fruits.

Live music from Thursday through Saturday will serve as the perfect ambiance combination.

In 1973, this Medellin restaurant opened its doors under the name “Los Cristales”, offering a menu with 35 different but basic dishes.

Los Cristales had an accommodation capacity for up to 150 people in a space formed by three areas: terrace, dining room, lounge bar and five individual kiosks. The attending audience was somewhat distinguished because its main visitors were celebrities and people with a lot of purchasing power in the city.

In 1998 the Crystals name change because the old owners sold the restaurant to an investment group. With the new owners, a different concept was born, supported in the meat from Angus, Brangus and Brahman cattle, and the introduction of their characteristic grilled meat and new ideas in seafood preparation.

Angus Brangus Medellin Restaurant

Angus Brangus Medellin Restaurant

Open on weekdays from 12:00 p.m to 12:00 a.m, Friday and Saturday extends to 1:00 a.m and on Sundays they’re open until 6:00 p.m

Carrera 42 # 34 – 15 (Km 1 Las Palmas)
Phone: 232 16 32


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