Alex Carne de Res Bar & Grill

Set for crossover music, mainly from the 60s and 70s, Alex Carne de Res is a traditional Medellin restaurant that offers many different meat preparations as well as affordable daily specials.

Alex Carne de Res Medellin Restaurant

Alex Carne de Res Bar & Grill Medellin

Alex Carne de Res is a traditional restaurant with a typical atmosphere of an inn from Antioquia, where visitors can enjoy a choice of meat accompanied by salad, Arepa, French fries or American style cooked potatoes.    

The most common cuts ordered at Alex Carne de Res are: Thurl, Solomo and chicken breast fillet.

Alex Carne de Res Bar & Grill also offers the Antioquian typical dish consisting red Romano beans, sausage​​, roasted pork skin, beef, rice, fried egg, fried slices of ripe plantain and arepa.

The executive menu also is as an option for those who work near the restaurant and want to enjoy the best charcoal grilled meat at the best price.

On Fridays and Saturdays from 7:00 pm. there is a festive atmosphere with the presence of a live band that entertain groups, couples and families that visit Alex Carne de Res.

On Sundays, Alex Carne de Res offers many typical regional platters, like the fully loaded Bandeja Paisa.

Alex Carne de Res Medellin Restaurant

Alex Carne de Res Bar & Grill Medellin

Their many locations are conveniently located all around Medellin:

  1. Diagonal to Monterrey Mall, phone: 352 37 40
  2. La 70, Aeroparque. Phone: 353 23 29
  3. La 70, Bolivariana, phone: 411 64 31
  4. San Antonio de Pereira, Rionegro. Phone 531 03 15
  5. Itagüi, Santa Maria. Phone: 379 89 78
  6. Itagüi Park, Phone: 374 03 19
  7. Bello, Angel´s corner. Phone: 452 98 43
  8. Sabaneta
  9. Aranjuez

Deliveries: 4 48 25 39

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