Medellin Nightlife is something very special for those visiting Medellin for the first time.  If you are a tourist or on an extended visit, then you will probably want to begin your night in Parque LLeras.

Parque Lleras

OrleansPLleras   Parque Lleras, gives the city’s most fashionable district a very relaxed feel to it.  Parque Lleras is in the heart of Medellin’s Zona Rosa in the upscale Poblado neighborhood, home to most of the city’s best hotels.  This lively little neighborhood packs dozens of fabulous restaurants, bars, Medellin Nightclubs, and live music venues into a few square blocks. From Thursday through the weekend, it’s a non-stop party! The best part about your Medellin Nightlife in Parque Lleras is, it is very safe.  You can feel comfortable roaming the streets and bar-hopping ’til all hours of the night.  And the density of bars and clubs mean you can probably find exactly what you’re looking for —  American rock at Blue, electronic at Betty House or Reggaeton-crossover mostly everywhere else.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas avenue, that connects the city to the eastern towns and the Jose Maria Cordova Airport, is packed with many top Medellin nightclubs, fine Medellin Nightlife, Dejavu nIghtclubdinning restaurants and five-stars hotels. As the area is on one of the major hills that surround the city, the views can be breath taking.  You will need to have in transportation in Las Palmas or a taxi.  There can be some distance between clubs. Some of the most well known Medellin Nightclubs are in Las Palmas are Dulce Jesus Mio, Deja Vu and Palmitas.  The best thing about partying at Las Palmas is that the place is not as crowded as those down in the valley.

Barrio Colombia

During the day Barrio Colombia is an industrial and commercial zone but in the night it becomes one of the most visited areas of Medellin by party goers. Some of the former warehouses have been transformed into huge nightclubs that receive thousands of visitors daily. Since Barrio Colombia is close to downtown and to El Poblado, it has become a preferred place for partying, thanks to its closeness to almost everywhere in the city.  Its easy access and its always crowded clubs are an asset that many customers take in count when choosing the perfect place to hang around or to get immerse in an awesome party night.  The music in barrio Colombia varies from Cuban and tropical, like at Cien Fuegos Cabaret to crossover rumba like at Karma and electronics. The choice is yours! cienfuegosNightlifepg

Medellin Nightlife Directory

Adonay Fonda

Aqua Nightclub

Amarna Disco

Babylon Disco

Berlin 1930 Bar

Betty House, Medellin Nightclub

B-Lounge Disco

Canalon Bar

Carito Nightclub

Cien Fuegos Cabaret

Crista Club

Dali Rock Bar

Deja Vu Medellin Nightlife Club

Dulce Jesus Mio Disco & Bar

El Blue Bar

El Deck Bar

El Tapial Nightclub

Fahrenheit Disco

Indiana Bar and Nightclub

Karma, Disco Club

La Bolsa Bar

Mélodie Lounge

Mia Nightclub

Mistica Life Club

Open Sky Bar

Oye Bonita Bar & Disco

Palmahia Disco

Palmitas Bar, Grill & Nightclub

Pandora Live

Prizma Disco

Sampues Nightclub

Sinko Bar

Sixttina Nightclub

South Beach Bar

Spazio 44 Disco

Trilogia Nightclub

Thaico Bar and Restaurant

Tutaina Tuturama Nightclub

Woka Lounge