Woka Lounge

Medellin Nightlife will never be the same.  Now located in the Parque Lleras, Woka Lounge is one the most prestigious clubs in Medellin, preferred by many for launching new brands, products and services. It has been a backdrop for music videos, commercial ads, television programs, location of catalogues and magazines, and celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.

Woka Lounge Medellin Nightlife

Woka Lounge Medellin Nightlife

A perfect place for dancing, having some drinks while chatting with friends Woka’s innovative style evokes natural landscapes and waterfalls.

Barrio: El Poblado
Zone: Parque Lleras
Music: Crossover
Open: Daily
Food: Yes

Address: Carrera 38 # 8 – 8
Phone: 311 57 81

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