Trilogia Nightclub

In June, 2000, Medellin Nightlife welcomed Trilogia Nightclub, located in Barrio Colombia, not a typical site for this type of business. The area of Medellin where  Trilogia Nightclub opened, despite being occupied by industrial workshops, offered three important opportunities: the neighborhood had predominantly daytime activity, freeing up valuable parking spaces for the nightlife, the noise was not a problem as there were no neighbors who disturb and finally, the rental value of the premises was much lower than in other sectors. Thanks to the vision of the partners of Trilogia Nightclub, was given a new use on the floor of Barrio Colombia and today there are, nine years later, about 30 bars in the surrounding area, grouped in what is called Ground Zero.

Trilogia Medellin Nightlife

Trilogia Medellin Nightlife

From the beginning the vision of Trilogia Nightclub partners was to create a place where live music was the centerpiece of the night. The versatility of the musicians of the band was an opportunity to explore different musical genres. Although later emerged the term “crossover” to describe the intent of some radio stations to program different music genres, even the term “Crossover” does not honor the musical variety Trilogia Nightclub offered, as the “Crossover” is limited the romantic salsa, vallenato and romantic pop and latin rock. To get the audience to accept a musical mixture might seemed irreverent to the staunchest defenders of each of their musical genres.

Trilogia Medellin Nightlife

Trilogia Medellin Nightlife

Located in Barrio Colombia, Trilogia offers its customers a wide range of cocktails, national and international liquors and fast food service inside their premises.

Zone: Barrio Colombia
Music Type: Crossover
Open: Th, F, S
Dancing: Yes
Cover Charge: 15,000 COP
Happy hour before 10 p.m.

Address: Carrera 43 G # 24 – 08
Phone: 262 63 75

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