South Beach Bar

South Beach bar is located near the Parque Lleras, Zona Rosa, in El Poblado, where the most important Medellin Nightlife is found.

South Beach Medellin Nightlife

South Beach Medellin Nightlife

This cozy bar offers a modern, original and unique entertainment to all its visitors. The atmosphere of the place is comfortable, quiet and relaxed. South Beach bar has no windows, doors or divisions. That’s why the place has a touch of naturalness and freshness at everyone of its spaces, since the wind can flow throughout the property, without interruption or obstacles.

The inner side of the South Beach bar is decorated with Blue neon lights. Which illuminates up one by one the tables and the bar itself, giving them an air of mystery and privacy.

At one of the corners of the bar there is an exclusive or VIP area with sofas and large coffee tables.

On the other hand, South Beach offers to its guests a varied menu of spirits to suit their tastes and needs, which may accompany unforgettable moments, either in the afternoon or evening.

The bar also offers a special service of free international calls to destinations such as Canada and the United States.

This bar open from 5 pm to 4 am and it’s located at Parque Lleras, Carrera 38 # 8 – 54
Phone: 311 57 36

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