Sixttina Nightclub

Sixttina is a Medellin Nightlife club where entertainment goes to a higher level, better than anywhere else. Sixttina Nightclub, located on the seventh floor of the Rio Sur Mall, offers a unique entertainment experience in the city, right in the Golden Mile.

Sixttina Medellin Nightlife

Sixttina nightclub Medellin

Sixttina Nightclub makes up its atmosphere in order to reflect a different personality every night. It’s an adventure through different facets, laden euphoria, joy and fun.

Sixttina club demonstrates its originality with an excellent variety of music that attracts its visitors to dance. Reggaeton, electro-pop and dance are the genres mostly played and that guide this disco nights.

Sixttina Nightclub offers a wide range of liquors to its attendees and many excellent options to accompany their visit with style and wonderful flavors. Water, Air, Fire and Earth cocktails are the house recommended.

There is always a live DJ at Sixttina Nightclub, which brings the musical notes to the weekend nights with an incredible vibe. In addition, an amazing light and fireworks show is presented as an added value to Sixttina nights, impressing visitors and taking up the rumba to a unique level.

Sixttina Medellin Nightlife

Sixttina nightclub Medellin

Sixttina Nightclub hours: Thursday to Saturday, between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am

Carrera 43 A # 6 Sur – 26 (Rio Sur Mall)
Phone: 312 25 26, 312 25 27
Cell phone: 314 8905 114

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  1. My favorite nightclub in Colombia, I definitely appreciate your posts. Thank you

    Tatyana Goldsmith March 5, 2013 at 7:11 am
  2. What a lovely place! The disco is like an entertainment cathedral. Sixttina club is super! Thanks

    Linda Zimmerman July 16, 2013 at 6:03 am

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