Sampues Nightclub

Located in the famous Parque Lleras area, Sampues Nightclub is an ideal place to enjoy the crossover party in Medellin and the ultimate Medellin Nightlife experience.

Sampues  Medellin Nightlife

Sampues Medellin Nightlife

Named after a Colombian coastal town, Sampues offers a truly Caribbean atmosphere in the middle of the city so their guests can feel like being in a tropical party without having to go out from Medellin.

Along with Betty House, Sampues nightclub the only Medellin nightlife experience with 2 different atmospheres. Sampues & Betty House are two different Medellin nightclubs in one location as they communicate internally by a tunnel. In these two places you can find the best crossover party in the city. They play all genres and rhythms, but at Betty House you will hear more Rock and Alternative music while Sampues specializes mostly in Salsa music.

For over 15 years, Sampues has been an iconic nightclub, where the mix of good music, excellent ambiance and permanent live shows, brings a unique experience to their visitors.

Barrio: El Poblado
Zone: Parque Lleras
Music Type: Crossover
Open: Fridays and Saturdays
Specials: Vallenato music on Thursdays and live Reggaeton dancers on Saturdays

Address: Calle 10 A # 40 – 37
Phone: 266 94 04


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