Palmahia Disco

If you want to include dancing in your Medellin Nightlife plans, then Palmahia Disco is for you.  For years, Palmahia has been very well-known for specializing in concerts, events, and of course,  it’s one of the best dance clubs in all Medellin.

It’s large space was designed with the beach in mind.  The sea and all those features surrounding the coastal zone, desired by many on vacation. That’s why the dancing floors have names like dolphins, mermaids and captains, that evokes the name of the bar.

Their main floor can be seen from anywhere in the club. Every corner has different decorations and facilities, ranging from comfy armchairs, to beach chairs, where guests can have a good national drink, cocktails or a few shots made with the best liquor.

Palmahia Medellin Nightlife

Palmahia Medellin Nightlife

In the middle of the Palmahia’s crossover rumba, which is animated by several Djs in a couple of platforms located in the center, there’s a beach volleyball court, where guests can play a game at their wish.

Palmahia is one of the largest dance clubs in Medellin. Being colorful, full of fantasy and tropically themed, it accommodates more 2000 guests in a Caribbean atmosphere charged with cheerful magic.

Palmahia Medellin Nightlife

Palmahia Medellin Nightlife

Carrera 42 # 85 B – 121 (Autopista sur Itagüi)

Phone: 3 62 5757

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