Betty House, Medellin Nightclub

Two Distinctively Different Bars in One Location

Offering something very unique in Medellin nightlife, Betty House Disco is a club focused on the urban-crossover gender.

Betty House Medellin Nightclub

Betty House Medellin Nightclub

Along with Sampues nightclub, Betty House creates the only Medellin nightlife experience with 2 different atmospheres. Sampues & Betty House are two different Medellin nightclubs in one location and communicate internally by a tunnel.  In these two places you can find the best rumba crossover in the city.  They have all genres and rhythms, but at Betty House you will hear more Rock and Alternative music while Sampues caters mostly to Salsa.

On Fridays and Saturdays guests can enjoy a big party atmosphere with great music in both environments from 9:45 until 4:00 am.  Things become extremely festive Monday when guests can enjoy the Tunnel.  A big event that unites the two clubs offering only Rock and Salsa.  This becomes a very special night with the classic sounds of the two genres.

Betty house is also an ideal place for business-type events. There are university events, concerts and all kinds of celebrations.

Betty House Medellin Nightclub

Betty House Medellin Nightclub

Address: Calle 10 A # 40 – 37
Phone: 266 94 04
Opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday (before holidays) from 9:45 pm to 4:00 am

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