Aqua Nightclub

Experience Medellin nightlife in a totally unique way.  Aqua Nightlife, is a club that will rival the top European clubs in style, class and good taste.  Aqua is located on the second floor of the La Strada Mall, in the Golden Mile of El Poblado.   Aqua Nightlife club is definitely one of the best places to party in Medellin.

Aqua Medellin Nightlife

Aqua Medellin Nightlife

The Style and Sophistication 

Aqua is a Medellin nightclub full of light that awakens the senses of every visitor.  This innovative club, offers a unique style of music which includes, rhythms of music, and genres varied from Reggae ton.  You will hear Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance Hall, and R & B.

Aqua Nightlife club is modern and sophisticated, featuring the latest technology in lighting, sound and entertainment. LED pixels in the floor and walls, have complex systems that vibrate with music. It has two levels, a lounge area for sharing a drink, and a VIP room with a direct view to the DJ and dance platform.

The Difference

A talented DJ, mixing good music and the best in entertainment technology, are the secrets that make Aqua Nightlife club the place to be in Medellin.

Aqua Nightlife was designed under the idea of sustainable development, hence all its systems help reduce energy costs and are easy maintenance.

With a cover of $20,000 pesos and a filter selective entry, which aims for a specific socioeconomic target, and a minimum age of 25 years for men and 21 for women, Aqua is emerging as one of the most exclusive clubs in the Medellin nightlife scene.

Aqua Medellin Nightlife

Aqua Medellin Nightlife

Barrio: El Poblado
Zone: La Strada Mall
Music Type: Hip Hop, Reggaetton, R&B
Open: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
Dancing: Yes
Cover: 20,000 COP

Address: Carrera 43 A # 1 sur – 150 La Strada Mall
Phone: 266 76 90

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