Amarna Disco

Like being in Egypt in this Medellin Nightlife Club

Located in the traditional Barrio Colombia, Amarna club is a thematic Medellin Nightlife disco.

One of the richest and most prosperous cities of ancient Egypt, Amarna was the inspiration for this Medellin nightclub. Amarna seems like more than just a nightclub. It feels like a Pharaoh’s palace, guarded by muscled men and beautiful women.  All at the service of the Pharaoh and the customers of Amarna.

Amarna Club Medellin Nightlife

Amarna Club Medellin

There is a color changing pyramid hanging above the liquors bar, along with two huge chairs simulating the throne of Tutankhamen, the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh.

Amarna doesn’t miss a detail, starting from the hieroglyphic artwork on the walls, to the waiters dressed like Nefertiti, Anubis, Tutankhamen and their slaves.

Everything in Amarna club resembles Egyptian culture, even the DJ stands in a throne playing crossover music for the customers, who seem like slaves celebrating their recent freedom, beside the Nile River.  Amarna is proof that Medellin Nightlife may very well be the best Latin America has to offer.

Amarna Club Medellin Nightlife

Amarna Club Medellin

Amarna club is located at Barrio Colombia, Carrera 43 G # 27 – 10.
Phone: 4 44 14 12

Zone: Barrio Colombia
Music Type: Crossover
Open: Fridays and Saturday
Dancing: Yes
Cover Charge: 15,000 COP
Web page:

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