Adonay Fonda Medellin

Adonay is an important entertainment hub of Medellin nightlife. The word Adonay means a lot to Colombians because it is the name of a very popular song always played on December as part of the Christmas tradition.

Medellin NIghtlife: Adonay Fonda

Medellin NIghtlife: Adonay Fonda

That’s the reason for the decorations of this Fonda, full of the colors, lights, sounds and everything that evokes holiday ornaments.

The entire nightclub resembles a traditional Antioquian town depicting the major’s office, main square, and a brothel. Adonay’s motto is “A Fonda to dance,” which stands in a large banner by the entrance doors.

Every night at Adonay is different. Very often they bring live shows with recognized singer of popular or tropical music, making the place a perfect nightclub to enjoy with family or friends, in couples or larger groups.

This Medellin nightclub located in Avenida Las Palmas, is one of the best places in the city, with an astonishing view of the whole valley of Aburra. It has plenty of parking spots that are permanently secured.

Hours: Thursday to Saturday from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am
Address: Calle 18 # 35 – 81 avenida Las Palmas
Phone: 268 93 07

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