Sao Paulo Plaza

One of the newest and most brilliant Medellin malls

One of the most recently built shopping centers in town, Sao Paulo Plaza is a Medellin Mall privileged located in an exclusive sector of the city, just in the limit between the beautiful city of Envigado and Medellin. Sao Paulo complements the commercial dedication of this area, making it an integrated and peaceful solution for each of the customer needs.

Sao Paulo Plaza Medellin Mall

Sao Paulo Plaza Medellin

Among its many stores and services, Sao Paulo Plaza counts with travel agencies; Comfenalco, Coomeva, Clinica para la Familia and Corbic, health care providers; Inmobiliaria Conconcreto, Alojamientos Empresariales y Turisticos Medellin and Viviendas Universales, real state brokers; 250 parking spots; Fire House, specialized restaurants; fast food retailers; a pet shop; an institution for arts and extended education; a car dealer; Claro, an Internet, TV and phone service provider; Carulla, an excellent supermarket; an international studies promoter, and TLI Calombia, a foreign service assistance agency.

Sao Paulo Plaza Medellin Mall

Sao Paulo Plaza Medellin

Handicapped accessibility, Wi-fi, free parking, and a food court, are some of the many benefits that Sao Paulo Plaza has to offer to this distinguished neighborhood and its visitors.

Carrera 43 A # 18 sur – 135 in front of La Frontera Mall.
Phone: 313 52 50

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