San Fernando Plaza Mall

Preferred Medellin Mall and Business Center

Located in the most exclusive area of El Poblado, this breathtaking Medellin Mall, San Fernando Plaza is an integrated business hub, holding a number of services and commercial stores.

San Fernando Medellin Mall

San Fernando Medellin Mall

San Fernando Plaza has available the best bank area of the Golden Mile, where the user receive the best care, advice and safety. Visitors can find Colpatria, Banco Popular, Bancolombia and Banco de Bogota, with their whole services and also their high quality ATM’s.

Foreign Exchange Service in Suracambios, where users can change U.S. and Canadian dollars, Euros, sterling, bolivares and Brazilian reais at a good price and with the guarantee of origin.

San Fernando Plaza offers high availability of internal parking and in the periphery, which are at the service for all visitors.

The Medical Laboratory Las Americas takes and receives daily samples, which are processed at the Headquarters of the Las Americas Clinic.

FarmaStore Las Americas offers brand and generic drugs, exclusive products and personal care, between the hours of 7:00 p.m to 9:00 pm, Monday through Friday and Sundays and holidays from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

San Fernando Medellin Mall

San Fernando Medellin Mall

Located on the second floor near the Administration office, San Fernando’s auditorium is rated as the best of the golden mile of El Poblado, it is ideal for annual meetings, conferences, courses, workshops, press conferences, breakfasts or lunches, sales force meetings, fashion events, exclusive concerts. It has 200 comfortable and elegant chairs with armrests that can accommodate any customer needs. It also has a sound system, microphones and own wi-fi. It also has floor boards, air conditioning, desks, DVD, TV, screens, flip-charts, coffee station, lectern and the flags of 14 countries. It also has its own qualified staff, always ready to assist guests. As an additional service, the auditorium of the San Fernando offers meals, brunches and snacks, breakfast or lunch.

Location:Carrera 43 A # 1 – 50
Phone: 444 25 80


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