Parque Florida Shopping Center

This Mall Offers A Different Shopping Experience

Recently inaugurated, this Medellin mall brings a new entire shopping experience to the western area of the city, where nearly 700,000 people will benefit from the presence of Parque Florida Shopping Center.

Parque Florida Medellin Mall

Parque Florida Medellin Mall

This new Commercial center has a total area of 725,000 square feet, including 204 stores, a multiplex cinema with 7 projection rooms, over 40 fast food restaurants, 490 parking spots for cars and 1300 parking spots dedicated to motorcycles only.

Well Known Stores

Parque Florida boasts some well-known department stores like Euro, Agaval, Alkomprar and Divertronica. Financial entities like Davivienda, Bancolombia, Banco de Bogotá and Cooperativa Confiar. Clothing, shoes and accesories stores like Gef, Vibraciones, Escape, Fruta Fresca, Rifle, Spring Step, X-romm, Cueros Velez, Punto Blanco, Pat Primo, Louis Barton, among many others. A food court with diverse kind of specialty like American, Oriental, Italian and French food like Mimo´s, Los Verdes, Mis Carnes, Sandwich Cubano, Alitas & Costillas, Subway, Frisby, Sr Wok, among others; and some tablecloth restaurants like Creppes & Waffles, J&C and Il Forno.

A total of 67 surrounding neighborhoods are receiving direct influence and benefit from Parque Florida Shopping Center. A community that lacked this kind of commercial areas. Of course many people from all different places of Medellin are visiting this new mall, some just visiting for curiosity and many other looking for options other than the crowded and sometimes prices malls at El Poblado.

Mall Address:
Calle 71 # 65 150
Phone: 321 27 36, 442 64 18, 442 92 77, cell phone: 314 618 15 63

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