PanAmericana is a traditional and excellent library and bookstore that complements the Medellin mall experience.

PanAmericana library and store was founded in 1961. It is best known as books and stationery store but now offers its customers so much more. PanAmericana has 22 outlets in the city of Bogota, and also has a presence in Medellin, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Villavicencio, Cucuta, Neiva and Valledupar. Within PanAmericana expansion plan it is expected to cover the cities of Pereira and Bucaramanga, opening soon the respective stores.

Panamericana Bookstore Medellin

Panamericana Bookstore Medellin

Panamericana is now offering several lines of products for different customer needs:

  • literature, history, philosophy and psychology books
  • literature for children and activity books
  • school, college and university textbooks
  • school and office accessories and stationery
  • art and specialty papers
  • Technology and Informatics equipment and accessories
  • gifts and miscellaneous
  • Office furniture

PanAmericana bookstore Medellin is located in the exclusive area of El Poblado, just beside Santa Fe Mall and in front of Oviedo Mall. This library and stationery store has become the best option in the city, for its location and the wide range of products offered.

Panamericana Bookstore Medellin

Panamericana Bookstore Medellin

Inside the bookstore premises, customers can enjoy the services of a cafeteria while taking a look to a book, a magazine or just chatting to their friends.

PanAmericana bookstore is located
Carrera 43 A # 6 sur
Phone 448 0999

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