After Holiday Sales, Bargain Hunting is International In Medellin Malls

Medellin Shopping, We Are All Bargain Hunters

Bargain hunters are everywhere and Medellin is no different in that respect.  After the holiday shopping season I decided to see if I could find any bargains for myself in 2015.

Santa Fe Mall

My first stop was at one of Medellin’s most beautiful malls, Santa Fe Mall.  Santa Fe mall in Medellin also happens to be one of my favorite malls anywhere.  I love the architecture of the mall.  It is very open and sometimes has the feel of a big park surrounded bye stores.

I was hoping to find a good bargain on a nice pair of jeans.  I had my eye on several that were in Falabella’s Department Store  before Christmas, so that was my first visit.  One thing I love about this store is pricing is good all year round compared to other countries.  One of the things I don’t like is they carry a lot of clothes from France with a more narrow cut than suits me.  I did however find the exact jeans I had eyed before Christmas and now they were being discounted approximately 30 percent.  Too good to pass up so I bought them.

Next stop, the food court.  This food court at Santa Fe Mall, is not unlike those in the USA or Europe but you can pick up some traditional Colombian meals for a decent price, although much higher than in the normal restaurants I frequent.  I just love the atmosphere here though.  Huge windows and lots of light coming in, and what is it with these Colombian people, they are always happy and it is contagious.

I hit a few more stores hoping to find a nice pair of shoes.  For me, shoes have been the hardest thing to find in Colombia.  For some reason I can never get the size right here, nor the style I am hoping to find.  So no shoes and it is time to be off.

El Tesoro Mall

El Tesoro Medellin Mall

El Tesoro mall

El Tesoro Medellin Mall

El Tesoro mall

Another one of my favorite malls in Medellin, is the El Tesoro Mall.  For me, El Tesoro is a little more out of the way and maybe a little bit more expensive, but still one of my favorite places in all of Medellin.  There is lots to do here in El Tesoro and sometimes shopping takes a back seat.  This mall is a great place for families.  With the mini amusement park here, parents can do their shopping while keeping the kids entertained.  I am not sure I can always tell who is the kid or who is the parent when I see adults riding mechanical bull and miniature train.  Make no mistake though, this place has some great stores too.  I am looking for some sun glasses and have to do some haggling with the girl at this store to get the price I want.

James Sunglasses

After spending several hours at the my two favorite Medellin Malls it was time to get a beer and relax.  Check out my next article when I see what’s happening at Oviedo Mall and Premium Plaza.

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