Almacentro Mall

Medellin Mall and financial hub

Almacentro shopping center is a Medellin mall and business offices building, very frequented by many, mostly because it gathers very important financial institutions, health services, real state agencies, lawyer offices, travel and tourism representatives plus several money exchange business, along with many other retailers and fast food vendors. In total, Almacentro Mall features 138 stores and 65 offices in a 24-hours surveyed building.

Being located just in front of San Diego mall, Almacentro Mall completes the range of commercial and services availability, making this area one of the more important zones in the heart of Medellin.

Almacentro Medellin Mall

Almacentro Medellin Mall

Almacentro Mall is growing in its service offering from 2013 a seven-story building parking lot, an auditorium, five new offices and 4 new elevators, for a total of 13,200 meters built of new space. The investment for the project is 22,500 million pesos.

The parking lot will be used for internal staff and the existing cells at Almacentro will be available for all visitors. This parking lot will be attended by a valet parking staff and driven by a car elevator that will take them to each floor respectively. From the eighth floor up, there will be 5 offices floors, each floor having 968 square meter which are expected to be occupied by health providers for the welfare of the city.

Mall hours:
Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Almacentro Medellin Mall

Almacentro Medellin Mall

Almacentro mall is located at:
Carrera 43 A # 34- 95
Phones: 448 42 44 and 232 42 44

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