New Generation of Men

Medellin Life A New Generation Of Men Take Over

For our Medellin Life section I want to share my perception of this New Generation of Men.

In my life I’ve been surrounded by great men: my father, my husband, my children, etc.. I owe them part of what I am, and it is they who have given motivation and meaning to my life. I ADORE men, and although I admit that many other women despise the masculine gender, I have seen, with great satisfaction, that there are many excellent fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, friends and workers, whose attitudes are examples for those who have insisted that the female is the only virtuoso genre.

Medellin Life New Generation of Men

Medellin Life New Generation of Men

Many people talk about how difficult it is to be a woman in a man’s world. Since childhood I witnessed and suffered firsthand the consequences of living in a sexist society, which brought out my rebellious and argumentative personality. I remember that in those times, for example, I had to work twice as much as my coworkers men to demonstrate my abilities, and by the same salary. But looking in hindsight, my argumentative personality has to give space to the objectivity and reason, and that is why today I want to talk about the changes I see in the new generation of men.

Woman’s Day

Recently, on the occasion of women’s day, I received one of those long feminist texts, detailing precisely all the torments that we have passed undergoing a sexist world. But now there was a big difference: I analyzed it carefully, and I could not feel identified anymore with it, nor I could associate the image that was displayed with the men I know.

I wonder why sometimes some women don’t want to leave that role of victims. We can not free ourselves from historical resentment by many years of male abuse, that makes us vengeful people who lash out against the other gender at the slightest opportunity. I think that everything would be easier if we were to accept that, at least according to my point of view, definitely “we are not equal”. Equality comes after claiming the same rights, opportunities and position, but fortunately, our roles, skills, priorities and perspectives are different.

Medellin Life New Generation of Men

Medellin Life New Generation of Men

The Past

We can do nothing to change the past, but we must make sure that our future will be much better. We can not release us from male yoke to just let us enslave by the social image that sometimes we feel compelled to project, as modern women. It is very sad to see how we have changed in such a way that sometimes we have harmed ourselves, because we ended up getting us the flaws, defects and errors that we abhors in men.

Men, on the other hand, have changed over time to improve. It is very comforting to see them taking care of household chores and children, with love and dedication, equal or some times better than mothers. I recognize that these changes have been motivated by the female revolution requiring women dignity, but they are assuming the change and are adapted in such a way that they are making evolve the concept of “being men”.

Medellin Life New Generation of Men

Medellin Life New Generation of Men

Every day there are more men fighting for their children full custody. Men who become excellent “parent head of household”, that deserve to find a space of love and courtesy at home. Without this meaning that the wife has to feel she is subjected. We shouldn’t be so hard to accept that there are wise men who we can listen to and follow with respect, because wisdom does not understand gender, and the fact of being a 21st century woman also implies that we have enough discernment to accept that we are not always right.

It is moving to see how now there are more men able to forgive deficiencies in its companion, assuming their share of responsibility in the couple’s relationship, accepting that they have been wounded, and that they suffer the same or sometimes more than any woman.

Father’s day is coming. Sincere congratulations to those men who have devoted all his life to their children and their homes, often alone, sometimes being the unconditional support for their partners, and many other raising children not their own, with so much love that the tie of blood is replaced by one that comes from the heart. In honor of the equality that I claim for myself, I want to thank you because without you it would not be possible to exist.

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