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As part of our Medellin life section, I want to talk about some reasons a Paisa woman could have to choose a foreigner man as life partner.

Currently, phenomena such as the Colombian economic openness, the use of Information and communications technologies (ICT’s), and the intentions of the government of Medellin to promote tourism and local development, have opened the gates of our city to the world. It is now common to see foreigners walking the streets and there is a trend among some local women to establish close relationships with them.

In our childhood, the ideal romantic figure of our dreams used to be drawn by Disney fairy tales: those handsome and valiant white knights who came to rescue his captive princess in a faraway kingdom. In our adolescence, the law and order situation in Medellin was so bad that our expectations of finding a romantic relationship did not go beyond the limits of the city. No domestic tourists were seen, much less foreign tourists.

Medellin Life

Medellin Life

So now imagine our surprise when we see that the number of foreign tourists is increasing and they are earning a place in the heart of the paisa women, they seem to be very close to the white knight of our childhood. I believe that when you are choosing a sweetheart, the reasons that help decide correspond more to empathy, consistency and similarity of values, that of nationality, but I can not deny that my balance is tipped in favour of foreigners.

It isn’t very good to generalize behaviour or attitudes, but I will try to explain the reasons why some women prefer foreigners. I think that there are some things to consider, which I rated as the priority I see:

  1. Attraction for something new and different. For some Antioquian women, it is refreshing and attractive to meet people with culture, language and lifestyle so different to what we are accustomed.
  2. Perception of being more valued: most traditional paisa women are loving, dedicated, loyal, enterprising, homey and have strong family values​​. These features appear to be highly valued by some foreign men, who have seen their relationships affected by strong feminism of some developed countries.
  3. Economic stability: although many Medellin women are heads of households, entrepreneurs and hard working; one of the idiosyncrasies of paisa woman is that they should find in a man a protective figure and a provider. Therefore, economic stability is a point in favour of foreigners. If a romantic relationship is consolidated, this would probably ensure her family welfare in the event that she loses her job or if she decides to stay home and take care of their children.
  4. Emotional stability: for this reason, women tend to think paisas foreign men are more willing to engage seriously, to be more faithful and stable. For women 35 and older, the fact of being attractive and valued is very important, this because in Colombian society is relatively common for some men to change the stability of the home by a relationship with a younger woman. Some mature foreign men often choose a woman that is their same or almost their same age, which opens the possibility for many good adult women, single or divorced, to rebuild their lives.

For me, the most important thing is not to fall into the trap of stereotyping or generalization, but culture creates a number of features that apply to most people: values, defects ​and qualities are individual. It is simply to make the best choice based on the right reasons, ultimately, a deep and lasting relationship will face the challenges of daily life, where beauty seems to fade away with everyday. In addition, today’s social or economic status are as unstable as a base sand castles.

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