Geo Hostel Medellin

Geo Hostel is located in one of the most prestigious areas in Medellin. Being just a few blocks from Parque Lleras, it provides the best stay for the visitor and offer a safe and comfortable accommodation, having the convenience of being near many recreational activities and entertainment highlights of the city and its surroundings.

Geo Hostel is not only an inexpensive alternative to stay at, but it is also a space that stands out for having a unique atmosphere amongst Medellin hotels and hostels.

Geo Hostel Medellin Hotel

Geo Hostel Medellin Hotel

Geo Hostel is a completely new place which counts with 8 rooms (3 private and 5 shared, all with a private bathroom), a wet zone with jacuzzi, located on the top terrace that overlooks the valley, the city and mountains, plus a recreational area and kitchen with all the necessary facilities for the use of our guests.

Geo Hostel has a contemporary look that consists of three floors, with first class communication technology, guaranteeing the possibility of keeping in touch with the outside world.

The small number of occupants at Geo Hostel assures a personalized service allowing to attend their needs with immediacy and quality.

At Geo Hostel, owners and administration like to evoke the spirit of exploration of every traveler and for that reason they put all of their efforts in providing the necessary information so that Medellin can be discovered.

Geo Hostel Medellin Hotel

Geo Hostel Medellin

Geo Hostel was conceived from a bicycle trip through South America where its founders perceived and learned that every experience on a trip is unique in itself and must be lived to the fullest. Because of this experience, Geo Hostel Medellin goal looks into every travelers comfort attending guests with hospitality and a good vibe to make their trip an unforgettable experience.

Carrera 35 # 8 A – 58
Phone: 311 71 50

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2 Responses to Geo Hostel Medellin

  1. I spent some days in this Hotel last year and I can say it’s affordable and the service is fantastic. It was like being at home but in Medellin, Lol. Norah.

    Norah Welsh January 25, 2013 at 2:37 am
  2. After being one week in Medellin paying an expensive (and boring) 5 stars hotel, I decided to do some research and find me a more affordable place to stay. I found some cool options but the one that called all my attention was Geo Hostel: the prices are way better and the people was much more familiar and amicable. I would never regret having changed hotel. Thanks for posting and see you later.

    Lester Keenan May 30, 2013 at 12:54 pm
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