Black Sheep Hostel Medellin

Located in the most quiet area of El Poblado neighborhood, the Black Sheep hostel has been in the Medellin hotels market for five years.

Owned and operated by a New Zealander,the Black Sheep is located just 8 minute walk from one of the metro stations (El Poblado station), and a large supermarket; 10 minutes away from the Eafit University and 15 minutes walk from the Zona Rosa where there is the largest number of bars, clubs, restaurants and many other entertainment attractions of Medellin. The Black Sheep Hostel is actually the perfect place to enjoy this diverse city.

Rooms are very safe, Black Sheep Hostel has some of the best beds in Colombia, most made to order and are 2 meters long (most of Colombians are small so they use small beds). At Black Sheep Hostel owners believe it is the only hostel in Colombia with two meters beds.

Black Sheep Medellin

Black Sheep Medellin

Black Sheep Hostel offers dorms with 4, 6 or 8 beds. But there are also four private rooms, and several others will be built in the coming months.

Black Sheep Hostel has a patio for the BBQ with an Argentine style grill. Customers can
use it whenever they want, or they can wait for the big roast every Sunday, a great feast, (all you can eat) sausages, meat, chicken, pork, salads and potatoes, for up to 40 people.

Toilets: There are 9 bathrooms and 6 hot water showers in the house.

Office – Internet Café: The office is located at the entrance of the Hostel. It counts with four computers, all with Skype installed in order to provide long distance calls. All computers have headphones. The speed of the connection is acceptable (4.000 kbs), fast enough to see watch Rugby
games on-line.

Security: This hostel is safe, and nothing has ever reported lost, however they have free lockers. The front door is always locked and only the staff has the keys. Visitors can enter the
hostel, but not the bedrooms, and only until 11 pm. After of only 11 guests can stay, the two cats and reception employee.

Black Sheep Medellin Hotel

Black Sheep Medellin

Kitchen: Black Sheep Hostel has a large kitchen and guests can cook whatever they want. Kitchen is open from 6:30 am to 1 am. Equipped with microwave, gas stoves and two refrigerators. Black Sheep Hostel offers free coffee, all day. Also a good blender for juices.

TV Room: In April 2008 Black Sheep Hostel finally joined the revolution of screens, and
bought a TV 42” flat screen hanging on the wall itsTV room. They have Direct TV service and also have hundreds of DVD’s to watch totally free.

Spanish School: Black Sheep Hostel offers private Spanish lessons at 16,000 pesos per hour.

Black Sheep Hostel is located at: Transversal 5 A # 45 – 133
Phone 311 15 89
cell phone: 317 5181 369


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