Medellin Events Refri-Americas 2014 Event and Expo

Refrigeration Event Comes to Medellin in June




The June listing of Medellin Events begins with Refri-Americas 2014.  The Refri Americas event will display the advanced products and technologies related to refrigeration. This will make the attendees aware of the various technologies and products and also increase the product visibility and the demand for the product. The exhibitors will have face-to-face interaction with the consumers which will help them to build strong relation with the targeted consumers and get potential consumers for their business. The Refri Americas event will be organized in Columbia and will be held for three days. This will be an ideal platform for the exhibitors and the visitors for introducing and being introduced about the various advanced technology and products related to refrigeration.

June 4-6

Palacio de Exposiciones Plaza Mayor
Calle 41 nº 55-80 Medellin,
Medellín (Colombia)

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