Madredeus 2013 Colombia Tour

Saturday, March 30th 2013

Type of activity: Concert.

Medellin, Saturday, March 30th 2013
Metropolitan Theater

Madredeus is a Portuguese musical ensemble. Their music combines traditional Portuguese music with influences of modern folk music. The lyrics are often melancholic and related to the sea or travelling or absence, continuing a tradition of songs dating back to Medieval times.
Pedro Ayres Magalh√£es’s Madredeus is preparing to return to the music scene with a new line-up that intends to review the legacy that they originally offered to the world, preparing a number of acts to celebrate their 25 years of brilliant career.

It is the return to duty of the most successful projects in the contemporary Portuguese music scene, with a recovery of the aesthetic line, as well as leading to a special place in the hearts of the Portuguese.

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